The island of excessive glamour and intense leisure, Mykonos is a shopping mecca. One may find world’s best brands and the most exclusive shopping choices.

Branco Mykonos hosts one of the most famous shopping brands of the island SOHO-SOHO, as well as a boutique with various objects and souvenirs while you may also choose to take advantage of our Shopping Escort service. Just ask for it!

SOHO-SOHO @ Branco offers a unique shopping experience, customized for the Greek Summer. Featuring the latest fashion must-haves and collaborating with top designers from around the world SOHO SOHO@Branco satisfies every demand of any fashion enthusiast who stays in the hotel or is visiting the fabulous beach. Bikinis from Heidi Klein, Delfina Delettrez fine jewelry, Solange sandals, kaftans from March II, Dior sunglasses, Creed Perfumes are only a few of the names which are hosted in the boutique.

Branco Boutique is the place to get a Branco flavor back home, or help you survive the Mykonos summer! Various objects hand-crafted by various designers. Visit our boutique to order your own souvenir.

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